Credit Checks Services

  • Company Checks

    Be Sure to know who you're dealing with. Creditsure can perform credit checks for companies here.

  • Tenant Checks

    At Tenantsure we can give you the peace of mind when you rent your property. Check now!

About our Credit Check Services

It is imperative in today's economic climate that you take preventative to measures to minimise the risk to you or your business when offering forms of credit. A simply and extremely effective way to do this is by credit checking your clients and customers to ensure that they have the ability to pay or re-pay the credit that you are providing them.

Credit Checking is essential, whether it be a new business that is looking for a credit facility with a wholesaler/supplier or a landlord looking at prospective new tenant.

Debt Collection Glasgow recommends Creditsure for all company check services and Tenant-sure for to all landlords and letting agents to pre-screen a potential new tenant. The low cost, pay as you go service that is provided is second to none with results returned quickly and efficiently.